Monday, February 9, 2009

Get Back Together Letter

If this is your situation, then right now you are in a lot of pain and a state of shock and probably trying to find out what is going on. Just about everyone has been in that heartbreaking situation of being told, either by text or even email that the love of your life doesn't want to see you again.Even if all you want is to find out what they are thinking and feeling about you, it is so important to give them some space right now.

The most critical time is just after the two of you have broken up. It is of vital importance that you behave in a certain way at this point of your breakup.

Your best reaction to the news of the break up should be to stay very calm and tell your lost love that you totally agree with them that a break up is a good idea Your lost love will probably be expecting you to react to the news in a much different manner and may find your behavior intriguing.
This responsonse has been proved to be incredibly effective.

Already sent a barrage of text messages or been constantly ringing your lost love? Don't fret, there is a tecnique you can try to bring some calm to the situation. You lost love may be thinking you are some sort of raving lunatic who can't function without them, so you need to redress this and put yourself in a better position.

What is the magic technique? Simply write them a very short letter. In it, just say that you have thought about it and that they were absolutely right in wanting to end the relationship. Suddenly you will appear as being somewhat unavailable, and we all want what we can't have. The key is to keep it short and agree with the break up.

It is VERY important that you write a letter, not a text message or a phone call.

If you are wondering what makes the letter method so effective, then I will tell you. You are telling your lost love, in your own writing, that you have really listened and heard what they have said. You're telling them they were right. If you have been sending hundreds of text messages, or calling them constantly, another phone call or text won't change things. A real, physical letter is different and means a lot more.
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